Mixed Migration Platform

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The Mixed Migration Platform (MMP) is a joint NGO initiative providing quality mixed migration-related information for policy, programming and advocacy work, as well as critical information for people on the move.

The platform, which also acts as a mixed migration information hub for the Middle East, aims to:

  • Promote research, data sharing, and information management on mixed migration
  • Actively inform policy relevant to mixed migration
  • Highlight regional patterns and trends
  • Provide a hub for, and disseminate information on, mixed migration to, from and within the Middle East
  • Provide quality information to people on the move to enable informed decision making

Where we work

MMP is hosted by the Danish Refugee Council’s Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regional office in Amman, Jordan. MMP activities and research are centred on irregular migration to, from and within the Middle East, including Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey although there is flexibility to shift this focus should trends change.

What we do

Our team of dedicated researchers and data analysts based in Amman and Geneva work daily to produce information and research outputs. Products include but are not limited to:

  • Monthly summaries of mixed migration in the Middle East
  • Briefing papers on mixed migration issues
  • Regular blogs and feature articles
  • Perception studies and reports about people on the move
  • Rapid assessments of issues relevant to mixed migration
  • Quarterly analysis of migration trends over time
  • Scenario building workshops
  • Large independent research projects

Our partners

MMP is a joint initiative of seven NGOs

  • Danish Refugee Council
  • Ground Truth Solutions
  • Internews
  • Translators Without Borders

Our donors



Danish Refugee Council Regional Office, 14 Al-Basra Street, Um Uthaina, Amman, Jordan

For more information, please download our Overview in English or Arabic.