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Migration from Afghanistan to Europe (2014-2017)

Migration from Afghanistan to Europe (2014-2017)

Drivers, return and reintegration

While research exists on some aspects of decision-making surrounding migration to Europe, little has been done to understand refugees' and other migrants' thought processes and experiences of returning when circumstances in Europe do not permit for asylum and resettlement. REACH researchers Interviewed 28 Afghans who returned to their country to gain insights into the returnees' socio-economic condition, the motivations behind their return, and the challenges they faced when they got home.

Photo: UNHCR On seeking asylum from poverty

On seeking asylum from poverty

Why the refugee/migrant paradigm cannot hold

This paper explores the ‘politics of labelling’ in the UK in relation to the perceived migration ‘crisis’ of 2014-present. Drawing upon philosophical insights in relation to types of violence, I argue that the moral distinction that sustains the labels ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’ in the present context is untenable, and find that:

Photo: UNWomen/Christopher Herwig Women and girls on the move

Women and girls on the move

A gender analysis of mixed migration from the Middle East to Europe

This briefing paper focuses on the experience of women and girls travelling to Europe, in order to provide a more detailed understanding of factors surrounding the decision to leave home, the type of journey undertaken, and their experience along the way. Produced by the Joint Analysis Unit on behalf of the newly established Mixed Migration Platform, this briefing paper is the first in a series of studies examining specific issues pertinent to migration to, from and within the Middle East region.