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Photo: DRC Refugee, Asylum Seeker & Migrant Perceptions in Austria

Refugee, Asylum Seeker & Migrant Perceptions in Austria

Quantitative Round - June 2017

Ground Truth Solutions analyses data collected from refugees and asylum seekers currently living in Vienna. It is the first in a series of quantitative and qualitative data collection rounds under the Mixed Migration Platform looking at refugee, asylum seeker and migrant perceptions of the services provided in Austria.

Photo: DRC Rejected but remaining

Rejected but remaining

Analysis of the protection challenges that confront rejected asylum seekers remaining in Europe

The objective of this briefing paper is to draw attention to the protection challenges that rejected asylum seekers are confronted with. It will also provide an indication of the number of rejected asylum seekers who remain in Europe by looking at Eurostat data, whilst also highlighting the limitations and discrepancies within this data.

Animation – Lives on Hold

Animation – Lives on Hold

Lela's Story

MMP's second animation shows how restrictive migration policies can negatively affect the lives of those forcibly displaced in the Middle East. A real story drawing upon our REACH-led report 'Separated Families: who stays, who goes and why?'

Photo: DRC Trafficking in Mixed Migration Flows

Trafficking in Mixed Migration Flows

Exploitation of refugees and other migrants in the Middle East and Europe

Since tightening internal and external borders and signing the March 2016 EU-Turkey Agreement, European governments have heralded their success in reducing the number of refugees and other migrants arriving in Greece from Turkey. However, the same policies that have reduced migration flows have simultaneously driven protection concerns for those still on the move, who rely more heavily on people smugglers to reach their destinations undetected.