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Photo: Miodrag Cakic How powerful is policy?

How powerful is policy?

The role of policy in shaping migrant decision-making

A short overview of the role of policy in shaping migration decisions. This article examines the extent to which policy has the power to influence the decisions made prior to leaving home and how such plans may alter throughout the course of the journey.

Photo: DRC Refugee perceptions in Lebanon

Refugee perceptions in Lebanon

Survey Round Two

In this latest report from Ground Truth Solutions, refugees in Lebanon expressed growing concerns amid a stagnating situation. Issues they cited include unmet needs, questions about the fairness of assistance, lack of trust in complaint mechanisms, insufficient participation, and uncertainty around being welcomed by the host community.

DRC/Mais Salman Monthly summary – July 2017

Monthly summary – July 2017

Middle East

Although conflict in Mosul subsided and the number of civilian casualties in Iraq continued to go down, vulnerable populations remain stranded in numerous countries and displacement remained high. Movement from Turkey to Greece continued in July at low but dangerous levels.

Photo: DRC/Noe Falk Nielsen Refugee Perceptions in Lebanon

Refugee Perceptions in Lebanon

Summary of Focus Group Discussions - Round Two

Ground Truth Solutions' report summarises the findings of eight focus group discussions conducted with Syrian refugees, Palestine refugees from Syria (PRS), and Palestine refugees from Lebanon (PRL) in four different governorates in Lebanon.

Monthly Summary – June 2017

Monthly Summary – June 2017

Middle East

By the end of June, the conflict in Mosul was reportedly drawing to an end. Ongoing fighting, however, continued to drive displacement within Iraq and also to Syria, with the number of Iraqis in Al Hol camp increasing by 21% since the end of May.