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Photo: DRC/Megan Passey Life in limbo

Life in limbo

The consequences of thwarted mobility for refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants in Serbia

While media attention largely has shifted to the central and western Mediterranean routes, thousands of refugees and other migrants continue to use the eastern route to Europe. This study highlights the situation of a largely forgotten population - refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants who are "stuck in transit" in Serbia along that eastern pathway. Such ‘limbo’ situations are likely to become increasingly common as the European Union further externalises its approach to border control.

Photo: Timon Koch Movement back to Syria: Scenarios

Movement back to Syria: Scenarios

Possible developments in Syria and neighboring countries over the next nine months

MMP and partner organisation ACAPS held a workshop with experts in September to explore scenarios on different conditions that could impact Syrians moving back to their country. This report summarises five scenarios that potentially could happen through mid-2018, including the likelihood of the scenarios occurring and their impact on the humanitarian situation.”

Photo: Megan Passey “Tolerated” but for how long?

“Tolerated” but for how long?

Unwilling to claim asylum but unable to travel further, more than 4,400 refugees and other migrants in Serbia await legislation to determine their future.

Animation – Lives on Hold

Animation – Lives on Hold

Lela's Story

MMP's second animation shows how restrictive migration policies can negatively affect the lives of those forcibly displaced in the Middle East. A real story drawing upon our REACH-led report 'Separated Families: who stays, who goes and why?'

Animation – Alternative Routes to Europe

Animation – Alternative Routes to Europe

MMP’s first animation looks into some of the alternative routes taken by refugees and other migrants coming from the Middle East and trying to reach Europe over the last few years.