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Photo: Megan Passey “Tolerated” but for how long?

“Tolerated” but for how long?

Unwilling to claim asylum but unable to travel further, more than 4,400 refugees and other migrants in Serbia await legislation to determine their future.

Animation – Lives on Hold

Animation – Lives on Hold

Lela's Story

MMP's second animation shows how restrictive migration policies can negatively affect the lives of those forcibly displaced in the Middle East. A real story drawing upon our REACH-led report 'Separated Families: who stays, who goes and why?'

Photo: DRC Displaced Minorities – Part II

Displaced Minorities – Part II

Experiences and needs of Somali, Sudanese and Yemeni refugees and other migrants in Jordan

Over 10,000 Somali, Sudanese and Yemeni refugees and asylum seekers are now registered with UNHCR in Jordan, though many members of these communities live in the country without valid documentation (see Part I). Despite this high numbers of displaced individuals, insufficient attention has been devoted to understanding their experiences of displacement, humanitarian and protection needs, and access to appropriate solutions.