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On seeking asylum from poverty:

On seeking asylum from poverty:

Why the refugee/migrant paradigm cannot hold

This paper explores the ‘politics of labelling’ in the UK in relation to the perceived migration ‘crisis’ of 2014-present. Drawing upon philosophical insights in relation to types of violence, I argue that the moral distinction that sustains the labels ‘migrant’ and ‘refugee’ in the present context is untenable, and find that:

DRC/Mais Salman Monthly summary – July 2017

Monthly summary – July 2017

Middle East

Although conflict in Mosul subsided and the number of civilian casualties in Iraq continued to go down, vulnerable populations remain stranded in numerous countries and displacement remained high. Movement from Turkey to Greece continued in July at low but dangerous levels.

Photo: Megan Passey “Tolerated” but for how long?

“Tolerated” but for how long?

Unwilling to claim asylum but unable to travel further, more than 4,400 refugees and other migrants in Serbia await legislation to determine their future.

Infographic – Policy dominoes

Infographic – Policy dominoes

Recent developments in restrictive EU migration policies

Interactive features are available using Google Chrome or Adobe PDF viewer. A selection of European policies relevant to migration that set in motion a domino effect of similarly restrictive policies across the EU and in other states, aimed at deterring migration to the region.

Photo: Miodrag Cakic How powerful is policy?

How powerful is policy?

The role of policy in shaping migrant decision-making

A short overview of the role of policy in shaping migration decisions. This article examines the extent to which policy has the power to influence the decisions made prior to leaving home and how such plans may alter throughout the course of the journey.