What to read on mixed migration

New resources in April 2017

Our monthly round up of new resources provides an overview of new research and reports about mixed migration to, from and within the Middle East.

  • In collaboration with MMP, Ground Truth Solutions has completed a first round of perception surveys with refugees in Lebanon, and IDPs and refugees in Northern Iraq (the full study can be found on their Iraq country page).
  • ACAPS in collaboration with IFRC has released a new scenario report, based on workshops held in Budapest, looking at possible developments in Libya, Italy, Spain, and other countries of transit over the next six months.
  • An April article from IRIN draws on research conducted by REACH and MMP to highlight the ways in which restrictive European family reunification policies are separating refugee children from their families (see accompanying REACH article here).
  • In an article from Foreign Affairs, interviews conducted with more than 1,100 Syrians in Turkey in late 2016 explore the perceptions and desires of displaced Syrians regarding their individual and collective futures.
  • The Greek Forum of Refugees has produced a new guide for asylum seekers in Greece, highlighting asylum application procedures, registration, rights, appeals, and other useful information.
  • A Refugees Deeply article looks at the ‘invisibility’ of refugee and migrant women along the western Balkan route to Europe.
  • Oxfam, in collaboration with the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights and the Macedonian Young Lawyers Association, has produced a briefing paper entitled “A Dangerous ‘Game’: The Pushback of Migrants, including Refugees, at Europe’s Borders”.
  • Warwick University has released a report based on the findings of more than 250 interviews in seven Mediterranean and transit cities, looking at the impact of EU policies on recent migration trends.
  • A new report from the Harvard FXB Centre for Health and Human Rights highlights the exploitation and abuse of refugee and migrant children in Greece, in what it terms a ‘growing epidemic’.
  • ‘One Year Stranded & What’s Changed?’ is a joint-NGO policy brief update to a previous brief from October 2016, which looks at the situation of displaced persons in Greece one year after the implementation of the EU-Turkey Agreement.
  • RMMS monthly summaries of mixed migration issues and news in the Horn of Africa and Yemen region are accessible here. Summaries from West Africa are available here, and 4mi (Mixed Migration Monitoring Mechanism Initiative) reports from the Central Asia and Southwest Asia region are available here.

This reading list is an excerpt from our Monthly Migration Summary for April 2017. If you have a report you’d like to see on this list, or would like to be added to the mailing list, let us know.